The stars have long been our way of interpreting destiny, they have inspired countless tales and created many gods- under their gaze, past and future unite into one long tale. The stuff of epics tales, many of our designs are inspired by weapons and armor or by references to literature, mythology, or stories from pop culture.  We hope that we inspire you to be the champion of your own story and to live by your own, most splendid, machinations. Let our talismans guide you to your great destiny. Whether you look is casual or splendid over-the top-fantasy, our adornment fits into any story.


Manifested in 2021 out of the depths of quarantine, DSM was created by Allison Anne Brown. Originally a sculptor and fine artist, Allison became drawn to designing jewelry and body adornment after years of art events, costume parties and performance collaborations. DARKSTAR MACHINATIONS is an independent, woman owned, small business located in the upstate of South Carolina in the southeastern United States. All products are designed and produced in house and shipped from our private studio. We partner with various suppliers in the production of certain components that our studio is currently unsuited for.


"Instead of focusing on making sculpture I found myself looking for the next event- an excuse to make something I could wear or to throw together an a new ensemble.  I was already an avid collector of jewelry and statement fashion and now everyday is reason to dress up embellished with my own creations.

I want to dress the way I want to feel, like a warrior goddess- A character from one of the many books I have read over the years. Books with stories about magic and ancient forces, new worlds and cultures, gods and demons, heroes and great journeys. My creations are timeless objects that suggest power and great destinies. They  are meant to inspire you to be the Queen or King you always imagined and when you look in the mirror you will see Athena, Freya, or Thor and even holding a lightning bolt will seem possible."

 -Allison Anne