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Bracelet length

Named after the fierce and deadly Amazonian queen, ANTIOPE, daughter of Ares himself, this bracer-bracelet is destined to give it's wearer the warriors heart.

A semi-adjustable cuff Bracelet inspired by armor bracers with a SciFi aesthetic. This bracelet comes in 3 size options. Please reach out if you think one will not work for you. Choose your size based on the circumference of your wrist. This Bracelet is Made out of a fairly thick gauge metal and hammered- it is rather durable. Don't be shy about opening it up!


Please reach out with any questions or requests!


Measure your wrist about an inch or two away from where the bone starts at your hand. Use a measuring tape to get the circumference. ( If you don't have a measuring tape use a piece of string and measure it against a ruler) If you are in between sizes, choose the lower size for a tight fit and the larger size for a loose fit. To wear the piece you will have to open it up and then push it closed again. Be gentle, but the piece should hold up well. If you do not see your size please reach out we do custom sizing


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