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SPINE Earrings / Aluminum

SPINE Earrings / Aluminum

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Handmade hammered earrings, inspired by ravens in flight and stacking vertebrae they come in either brass or aluminum The ear wires are longer to prevent them from coming out.

Please reach out with any questions or special requests!


All of our Jewelry Is unfinished metal, different alloys with have different sensitives to tarnish. Please read below to see how to care for your pieces. 

ALUMINUM: Nothing to worry about, carry-on. Aluminum does not tarnish and is superlight.

BRASS OR COPPER: Copper or a copper alloy it will tarnish overtime. Store in a dry clean place. Keep jewelry clean of grease and dirt when possible to slow down patina, (or let it grow if you like that look!) Use a polishing cloth to bring out the shine occasionally or before wearing. If the tarnish build up is quite heavy, use a brass cleaner. If the tarnish is minor, dipping the earrings in vinegar and washing them off with water and thoroughly drying them off, should suffice. You can let them sit in the vinegar for a few minutes (2- 30) if necessary.

STERLING SILVER: Sterling is also a copper alloy and will require similar care to copper and brass. However it will tarnish less quickly and a polishing cloth will usually do the trick, other-wise use a silver cleaner. Store in a dry clean place. Keep jewelry clean of grease and dirt when possible to slow down patina. Do not use vinegar. 

*If the piece is tarnished when worn it may leave a green patina on your skin, Fear not! It is harmless, it is merely the patina wearing off. To prevent green-skin- clean the jewelry before wearing.

BLACKENED COPPER: This piece is copper patinaed with a with liver of sulfur to have a blackened finish. We apply each the piece with Paste wax to protect the surface however the wax will wear off over time. You can reapply paste wax or jewelry sealant ( or clear nail polish) to protect it. The back of the pieces wear out the quickest.  Avoid wearing this piece while sweating or working out to slow down wear.

PREVENTATIVE CARE: You may use protective coatings to prevent tarnish or reduce skin discoloring. These protective coatings will need to be reapplied occasionally.

  • Paste wax - apply a thin coat, let dry to a hazy transparent white, then burnish off with a cloth
  • Clear finger nail polish or jewelry sealant - paint a very thing layer over surface of metal and then let dry.
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